Common Questions

Home emergency insurance FAQ's

Q: Is the HomeGuard Home Emergency Insurance similar to my Household Insurance?

A: No. Home Emergency Insurance is a comprehensive extension of the policy offered by your household insurance or let property insurance. While your household insurance will usually cover damage to carpets, furniture etc caused by a plumbing or drainage emergency, it almost certainly won't cover the cost of emergency repairs or finding a reliable tradesman.

Q: What is NOT covered by HomeGuard home emergency insurance cover?

A: Home Emergency cover varies depending on the level of cover. However in general the following are NOT covered:

  • LPG fuelled, oil fired, warm air, solar and un-vented heating systems or boilers with an output over 60Kw/hr
  • Boilers that have not been inspected or serviced by a qualified person within the 12 months preceding a breakdown
  • Heating systems (including boilers) that are more than 15 years old
  • The interruption, failure or disconnection of the mains electricity, mains gas or mains water supply.
  • Damage caused in gaining access to the Home.
  • Damage to flat roofs over 10 years of age
  • Emergencies  caused by the failure to maintain any system or equipment or the replacement of parts that suffer wear and tear over time, including dripping taps, washers or discs forming part of a tank, pipe or tap
  • The failure of equipment or facilities which have not been installed, maintained or serviced in accordance with legal regulations or manufacturer’s instructions, or which is caused by a design fault which makes them inadequate or unfit for use
  • The cost of making any permanent repairs once the emergency situation has been resolved
  • Emergency Costs that have been incurred before We accept a claim
  • An Emergency which happens within the first 14 days of cover (cooling-off period)
  • Emergency Costs where there is no one at the Home when the Contractor arrives
  •  Any matter occurring prior to, or existing at the start of the policy, and which You believed or ought reasonably to have believed could give rise to a claim under this policy
  • Any wilful or negligent act or omission or any third party interference or faulty workmanship (excluding any attempted repair or DIY) which does not comply with recognised industry standards or manufacturer’s instructions

The following situations are unlikely to be a Home Emergency as defined in the policy

  • external pipes, taps and overflows not causing internal water damage.
  • Dripping taps or systems where water is safely escaping down a drain or the failure of waste disposal units.
  • The repair of domestic appliances that are leaking water, other than from external fixed pipe work.
  • Making good, repair or replacement of the fabric or decoration of the home, or replacing carpets or furnishings.
  • Damage to domestic outbuildings 

Q: Who is eligible for HomeGuard home emergency insurance?

A: Any domestic household owner occupier. Council and private tenants and mobile homes are not eligible.

Q: When can I make a claim?

A: You can make a claim anytime after the first 14 day cooling off period that starts from the date of inception

Q: Will your tradesmen come out at any time?

A: Yes. That's the benefit of our 24 hour, 365 day Home Emergency Help line. Whenever you have a domestic emergency - at night, during the weekend or on a Bank Holiday - we'll be there to help

Q: What if I have a domestic emergency but I work during the day?

A: No problem. We'll organise a time for one of our tradesmen to call outside working hours - whenever it's convenient for you.

Q: Is my cover transferable if I move?

A: Yes, Just let us know your new address we'll transfer the cover.